Software Engineer, Product at Asana
New York City, NY, US

As a Software Engineer on our Product team, your mission is to manifest continuous improvement of the Asana experience for all our customers. You’ll dream big but take small iterative steps towards your goals. You’ll relish the feedback you get in every step of the development lifecycle, from continuous deployment to post-launch feedback from our wide range of customers.

You may work on modeling the work graph or on transcending UI design tradeoffs; often you’ll work on both in the same day. All our engineers identify as full-stack generalists, and the craftsmanship of product development is deep in Asana’s soul. Always leave the code better than you found it.

You’re not just a coder. You’ll be part of the entire product process, from conception (be it at a hackathon or during Roadmap Week) to post-launch reflection. You must have deep empathy for both your coworkers and your users, to understand how you can work better together to help others work better together.


  • Passion for creating a superlative user experience, down to those little details that matter
  • Sound judgment for balancing between scrappiness and long-term code maintainability


  • 2+ years experience working in large, well-maintained codebases
  • Experience with Typescript and React
  • Care deeply about helping all teams collaborate more effectively
  • Derive joy from abstracting and refactoring