Sr. Software Engineer at Ambarella
Santa Clara, CA, US


Software engineers at Ambarella are responsible for the design, development and implementation of computer vision algorithms on proprietary SOC. Typically this involves developing tools to convert from standard DNN frameworks our architecture.

Join a team of highly innovative scientists and engineers to research, architect and implement new technologies related to Automotive Camera Solutions. This domain requires deep knowledge of imaging and computer vision.

We want to create efficient platform where new algorithms are developed and ported by customers for various applications. CV Applications are targeted toward ADAS and security market.


  • Develop deep understanding of Ambarella’s DSP architecture for efficient code development.
  • Efficient use of hardware resources like CPU cycles and memory are core to scaling imaging and computer vision algorithms.
  • Develop strategies to design, train and optimize DNNs to get best performance for customers on AMBA silicon.
  • Develop tools for development that will speedup customer development.
  • Understand features from customer point of view and review those with application and system team. Enable customers to port their algorithms on to AMBA SOC.


  • You must possess a Bachelor’s degree in CS or equivalent. Master’s degree with same disciplines preferred.
  • 6 years’ experience with modern Software Development.
  • Hands on experience with deep learning and its applications to computer vision (eg classification, object detection, segmentation etc)
  • Solid knowledge of scripting languages such as python including installation of various packages from source.
  • 1+ year experience in developing or using deep learning frameworks (eg, Tensorflow, caffe, PyTorch etc)
  • Must be comfortable with C programming.
  • Must be comfortable with modern software development methodologies such git, code review, unit testing, peer reviews etc.
  • You will be working closely with customers, so verbal and written communication skills are critical for our success.
  • Experience with deploying production deep learning models on embedded systems and optimizing code for such platforms is a plus
  • Excellent analytical, problem solving and presentation skills.
  • Excellent cross-functional, cross-site (shanghai and Taiwan) teamwork.