Software Engineer - Engineering Productivity at Blend
San Francisco, CA, US

Blend is solving significant internal engineering challenges as we expand from processing thousands to millions of loans, at more and more lending organizations, and over an increasingly large part of the lifecycle of each loan. We're looking for engineers who are passionate about automation, scale, performance, security, and clean code.

Blend doesn't process as many requests as Google or Facebook, but we care deeply about shipping the best experience possible the first time. We emphasize automated end to end testing, and take an aggressive security posture that informs everything that we do. This presents unique challenges (and opportunities for creative solutions).

Blend's engineering productivity team acts as a company within a company; empowering developers to ship their code faster and more securely. The work the team does is incredibly important and multiplies productivity across the entire organization. 


  • Understand the needs of other developers and enjoy building internal tools that empower an entire organization
  • Have experience deploying and monitoring production systems on a major cloud provider
  • Can write high-quality code in a modern language (ex. Go, Python, Javascript)
  • Are interested in container orchestration and scheduling
  • Enjoy working with data stores such as Postgres and MongoDB
  • Enjoy mentoring other engineers and leveling up the team around you


  • Our internal service deployment tool that sits on top of Kubernetes; enabling teams to fully own the lifecycle of their services
  • Unified logging and eventing across services; client event collection, format standardization, distribution, and storage
  • Distributed uptime and metrics alerting
  • Easy to use libraries that form the basis for the bulk of our services
  • Time-based access controls for servers
  • Dynamic network isolation and authentication between services

Blend is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity, inclusion and belonging. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.