Senior Robotics Software Engineer at vicarious
Union City, CA, US
At Vicarious we believe that truly flexible, easy to use, and capable robotic manipulators will raise the level of prosperity for humanity. In order to achieve this, we aim to make fundamental advances in AI, machine learning, perception and control.
As a Senior Robotics Software Engineer at Vicarious you will be involved in designing and implementing the future of robotics alongside other world class software engineers and AI researchers. You'll work on many problems that have not been solved before. If you are looking for an opportunity to stretch and grow your abilities as a software engineer and problem solver, this is it.

Your responsibilities

    • Design benchmarking and parameter optimization systems
    • Develop and improve fast and precise methods for deriving collision geometry from 3D sense data
    • Optimization of numerical routines for e.g. collision checking and motion planning, and designing user (and robot) friendly abstractions and APIs to make all our software easy to use
    • Design, prototype and implement key software systems in collaboration with other software engineers and researchers


    • At least five years professional experience developing production software
    • Strong knowledge and experience with C++/Rust or other system programming languages
    • Knowledge of computer science fundamentals (e.g. algorithms and data structures) and experience applying them to improve existing and future code bases
    • Knowledge and experience with manipulating 3D geometry (3D vector math, SO3/SE3 manipulations, linear algebra)
    • Experience with modern software development processes (testing, CI, code reviews, design documentation)
    • Experience with building clean abstractions and rigorously analyzing and testing complex systems
    • Experience with Python is a plus
    • Experience developing with ROS ( and related tools and libraries is a plus
    • Experience building 3D interfaces is a plus
    • Experience with any of the following: Robotics, 3D Game Engines, Computer Graphics, Computational Geometry is a plus

Desired personal qualities

    • Integrity
    • Ability to admit when wrong
    • Altruism
    • Fearlessness working outside your comfort zone
    • Patience with others
    • Described by others as the best researcher / engineer / thinker they know
    • Intellectual breadth
    • Sense of humor
Vicarious offers unique benefits for all employees that includes personal coaching, organic breakfast and lunch, and much more. Please visit Vicarious for details.
Vicarious is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We’re committed to fair hiring practices and a welcoming working environment. All candidates are considered for employment without regard to race, religion, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual identity or expression, medical condition, or socioeconomic status. We value our differences and we’re excited to learn what you can add to our team.