R&D Technician, Process (Compressed Night Shift) at QuantumScape
San Jose, CA, US
In collaboration with engineers you will plan and execute experiments on prototype and production equipment and will fabricate, inspect and characterize specimens according to an engineer’s direction.
You will record parameters in a database and write accurate pass downs.
You will debug, maintain and upgrade equipment to achieve the desired results.
Minimum Requirements:
Education & Experience:
You possess a high school diploma and have at least ten years of experience working as a technician in a fab or in a research group.
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
You are comfortable working with computers, commercial software and databases for searching and recording data.
You are organized, thorough and have clear written and oral communication skills.
You like to machine parts, jigs or build prototypes.
You are autonomous, positive and work well in a team.
You are efficient and get results.
You welcome opportunities to cross train, develop and learn new techniques/methods.
You care for safety and for the safety of your teammates.
Physical Requirements:
Use of fine motor skills for extended periods of time, standing, reaching and twisting motions with hands and lifting up to 15 lbs.