IBM Power Infrastructure Engineer at Skytap
Seattle, WA, US
Your Role
Skytap’s Compute team is responsible for the hypervisor control and data plane for all customer workloads in over a dozen global data centers. We provide customers reliable, fast, on-demand compute instances of all sizes. Skytap Cloud allows customers to create and run compute instances for both x86 and IBM Power architectures. Skytap’s support for IBM Power LPARs in the cloud is a new and strategically important offering that enables enterprises to migrate complex, traditional on-prem apps to the cloud unchanged.
In this role as an IBM Power Infrastructure Engineer, you'll help us expand and sustainably manage our fleet of IBM Power hypervisors and related technologies. You’ll also share your expertise in IBM Power system design and best practices so that collectively we can build a rock-solid system that’s indispensable to our customers. Thus, your skills should span in-depth ability to configure, deploy, troubleshoot, and tune IBM Power technologies and their associated LPAR operating systems (AIX, IBM i, and/or Linux) and also big-picture architectural design of robust, highly available, monitored, scale-out IBM Power clusters. This list isn't exhaustive, so you'll need to be perceptive and thoughtful, identifying latent problems and finding solutions.
Skytap moves fast and is scaling quickly. We hire talented engineers who all work together to foster a great engineering environment. Skytap will not expect you to work brutal hours or forego work-life balance. There’s opportunity for deep satisfaction, since you’ll be able to see your influence at a startup of great people.
Your Team
The Compute team owns their service end to end, and is responsible for the architectural design, quality assurance, and operation of the service in development, test, and production.
There are multiple significant components owned by the Compute team. The first is a Python application that implements the service’s core compute logic, hypervisor communication logic, and internal APIs. Since these APIs allow creating, running, stopping, and destroying customers’ virtual machines, they’re crucial to Skytap’s product.
Additional components include monitoring and data management systems, technology to interact with hypervisors, management tools like VMware vCenter and IBM Novalink, internal operational maintenance tools, and subsystems that allow Skytap to securely scale the infrastructure required to host customer virtual machines.
We use a lot of Linux, Puppet, Ansible, Python, Mercurial, and Git.  We also use our own software to drive our development and testing efforts—we literally deploy full copies of Skytap within Skytap. We have a deep technical stack, so in this role you’ll have plenty of opportunity to learn new things and expand your technical skill set.

Your Skills

    • Experience deploying, configuring, troubleshooting, and performance-tuning IBM Power technologies at scale, including Novalink, VIOS, HMC, PowerHA, LPM
    • Proficiency using, tuning, and troubleshooting operating systems that run on the IBM Power platform, including AIX, IBM i, and/or Linux
    • Knowledge of best practices for architecting highly available, scale-out IBM Power hardware clusters
    • Familiarity with or willingness to learn shell scripting and automated provisioning tools (e.g., Bash scripting, Ansible, Puppet)
    • Experience setting up, maintaining, and coordinating patch and configuration management of production servers
    • Ability to clearly communicate technical ideas, meeting outcomes, and problem statements, verbally and in writing
    • Good reading comprehension and attention to detail—you can read a spec and see the big picture as well as missing edge cases
    • Proactiveness in identifying latent reliability, maintainability, and performance problems within your domain and proposing solutions

Your Responsibilities

    • Investigate and update provisioning systems with every new hardware build.
    • Improve configuration management systems and work to automate server provisioning.
    • Improve processes and documentation of day-to-day service administration.
    • Create repeatable and comprehensive testing methodology.
    • Help design proven IBM Power-based architectures for efficient distributed computing with emphasis on high availability and disaster recovery.
    • Add health checks, monitoring frameworks, and metrics.
    • Participate in on-call rotation alongside the rest of the team. (Note: The Compute team understands the necessity of a healthy on-call rotation that doesn’t burn out people or trample their morale. We continually work to pay down technical and operational debt, ensuring that being on call is sustainable.)
    • Work with Skytap’s Support, Customer Success, and Professional Services teams to jointly address customers’ IBM Power-related problems and needs.
    • Coordinate hardware replacements and repairs.
    • Diagnose system issues and assess fleet health.
    • Plan for hardware refreshes and upgrades.
    • Track upstream package updates and determine which need to be applied.
    • Teach members of the Compute team and other Skytap engineering teams about IBM Power technologies and related operating systems.
Why Join Us?
Since our founding in Seattle 13 years ago, our employees have been organically creating a culture defined by their passion, technical excellence, and desire to succeed as a team. These values have helped us navigate more than a decade of disruption in the tech industry and we’re now poised for major growth.
Staying true to who we are as we grow and change means hiring people who share our commitment to customer success and company-wide accountability. We empower each employee to make an impact, to be active ambassadors of diversity and inclusivity, and to play an active role in building a company worthy of our employees’ commitment.
We are scaling rapidly and gaining significant market traction. We have raised over $100M in funding, having closed our Series E round in August 2017. Our public cloud service was designed to solve a specific challenge -- migrate and modernize traditional enterprise applications in the cloud -- that is now paramount to CIOs worldwide. Major enterprises in healthcare, retail, media and more depend on Skytap Cloud to compete in the digital economy. We have differentiated, protected technology that decidedly solves an urgent challenge for enterprise IT. And we need more talented people to solve ever-larger customer challenges.
At Skytap we believe that great people build a great company. Skytap is committed to providing an inclusive, positive working environment for all employees, regardless of sexual orientation, ableness, physical appearance, education, age, race, or religion. We’re looking for amazing people to join our mission--come be a part of building something great!