Systems Engineer at Linden Lab
San Francisco, CA, US / Seattle, WA, US / Atlanta, GA, US

Linden Lab build places where anyone can create virtual worlds. Our team builds and maintains the production infrastructure upon which our virtual world platforms reside.  We’re an inclusive bunch who work together to solve hard problems, including creating, deploying, and maintaining large scale systems and services.

Primary Functions

Help craft the stable foundation that runs Second Life, the most successful virtual world on the Internet! Bring to bear your experience with large-scale system engineering in all its many forms to keep our Residents happy!

What you’ll do:

    Build computer systems stuff
    Fix computer systems stuff
    Keep bad people out of our stuff
    Write tools to make stuff easier
    Respond to stuff that broke
    Split up fights between groups of computers
    Get paged and get mad at PagerDuty at odd hours
    Move stuff to the glorious future of the cloud
    Try not to yell at developers and vendors
    Be proud of the virtual world we help run

How you’ll do it:

    Create, deploy, and maintain systems that connect customers world-wide.
    Write software to help accelerate the construction of those systems. (We like Python and shell scripting a lot, but we also have some perl, and Ruby here and there.)
    Be responsible for infrastructure such as DNS, SMTP, system deployment, LDAP, Kerberos, MySQL, HTTP, caches, and loadbalancers.
    Maintain systems in co-located and AWS datacenters.
    Act as a technical resource to the rest of engineering.
    Fix any and all operational issues, including performance analysis.
    Participate in an on-call rotation.
    Other duties may be assigned.

Knowledge and Skills

What you should have:

    Ability to work independently and collaboratively on/with remote teams
    Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    Deep knowledge of Linux administration and automation. (We use Debian, but any flavor is fine.)
    Experience with Linux development tools including Python, bash, and GCC.
    Strong knowledge of networking, databases, and web applications.
    A huge hunger to learn new things as we reshape Second Life to work in the cloud.
    Good written communication skills. Your teammates will be all over the country, and we communicate with each other primarily via a lot of text-based chatting.
    6+ years of experience (or equivalent combination of education and experience) in systems, network, or software engineering.

What would be awesome:

    Familiarity with and enthusiasm for Second Life is a huge plus.
    Lots of knowledge of AWS and its pieces and parts.
    Having the ability to lead projects from start to finish with grace.
    A sense of humor and a never-ending curiosity to love the really creative things our Residents do within our virtual world, especially when they do it in ways we didn’t think was possible.

Experience & Education

    6+ years of experience (or equivalent combination of education and experience) in systems, network, or software engineering.
    Experience with Linux development tools including Python, Shell scripting, and GCC.

Travel Requirements

Occasional; Some travel for department meetups or other purposes may be needed.