Talent Specialist at vicarious
San Francisco, CA, US
As a Talent Specialist at Vicarious you will have one of the most impactful jobs here. You will be the person responsible for filling our company with exceptional humans. You will be responsible for running end to end recruitment for all our non-technical hires. Below are a few areas we want to highlight that you will be paying extra close attention to: 
Sourcing: find the talent we want to hire
Assessing: make sure we only talk to the right people, at the right time, for the right roles
Assessment design: ensure that through the interview process we find the person to hire that will be able to do the job brilliantly and thrive here 
Candidate experience: design a process that allows candidates to have an open, transparent, and enjoyable experience interviewing with us
Hiring for growth: convert candidates into new hires that will be with our organization for the long run  
Who you are
You are someone who wants to help people find meaningful careers and you know that there is technical expertise that allows you to do that. Ideally, you possess that technical expertise.
You have been a recruiter in the past or have worked very closely with recruiters and are confident you are able to do the job stellarly. 
You have designed interview processes in the past and know the dual purpose they serve. You know how to assess talent and design interviews to do just that. 
You are a good blend between soft and hard skills - qualitative and quantitative. You can make a candidate feel welcome and comfortable throughout their interview process with us. You can also design processes that will give us insights into why we hire who we hire and who to make that better for us and for our candidates.
You have experience using sourcing tools, designing sourcing strategies, you’ve used one or more ATSs in the past and know the powerful or pesky tool they can be.