Software Engineer at SwiftStack
San Francisco, CA, US

At SwiftStack, we are building a storage platform that makes data more easily manageable and portable between public and private clouds. In the process, we’re tackling some incredibly difficult and interesting data storage and management problems. If you are looking for challenging problems to solve, we have plenty to share!

SwiftStack is the primary contributor to the OpenStack Swift object storage system, and the team behind 1space multi-cloud and the ProxyFS filesystem. We strongly believe in open source and develop these core systems in the open. To support our customers, we have developed a commercial product based on these projects to provide a powerful combination that gives our customers a scalable, modern storage system with object and filesystem capabilities that integrates with public cloud services. As a result, our products are used by some of the largest companies on the web, in media, and in gaming, along with major scientific research institutions and many other organizations that have data-intensive applications.

As an engineer at SwiftStack, you'll work at all levels of our stack, and take on tasks that will challenge you and broaden your capabilities. We release code at a rapid clip, so you know that your contribution will quickly have an impact.



We hire primarily for talent rather than highly specific skills. The majority of our software is written in Python, Golang, and C.

We are looking for people with knowledge and experience with several of the following:

  • Writing and maintaining distributed systems
  • Making significant contributions to storage or database software
  • Building systems using with cloud APIs
  • Developing Python, perhaps with Django


  • You will contribute to open-source software
  • You will work with developers around the world
  • Your code will be quickly deployed into production clusters
  • You have strong input on how core features are implemented

Come join us! We'd love to have you on our team!