Software Engineer at QuantumScape
San Jose, CA, US
We are developing batteries that will power the next generation of transportation. We agree that software is eating the world; as such, we are leaning on software to give us a competitive edge. You will work with developers as well as chemists, materials scientists, process engineers, and physicists in an exciting, multidisciplinary environment. You are an energetic developer who will join our software engineering team with a complementary skill set. Your background includes databases, ETL operations, IoT, data engineering, and/or DevOps. 
You love moving quickly and working on leading edge technologies. Your responsibility will be to work with our software team to maintain and expand our data processing capabilities to give our researchers feedback to their processes. You will develop and deploy code for on premise applications as well as in the cloud. Data processing accuracy and reliability is key, so you will build a robust platform for data ingestion and egress. You will react quickly to take corrective action when there are any exceptions, errors, or downtime. 
In the course of your work, you will become versed in the increasingly impactful battery industry and be able to anticipate our research team's needs. You are a good communicator and an extraordinary teammate. You seek out challenges and learning opportunities. You want to work in a startup environment: a fast pace energizes you, you can wear several hats and pitch in where needed.

In this role, you will:

    • Develop, deploy and maintain internal applications for scientists and engineers
    • Implement and maintain data collection & processing pipelines
    • Quickly prototype different approaches for pathfinding in larger projects as well as to deploy one-off solutions
    • Model data efficiently in MySQL and noSQL databases
    • Develop, maintain and document internal APIs

Minimum requirements:

    • BS in a technical field (Software Engineering or Computer Science is preferred) plus at least 2 years' experience in software development and deployment
    • Expertise in C# or python
    • Fluency in MySQL or a noSQL database

Highly Desired:

    • Experience in developing in both C# and python
    • Source control and IDEs: GitHub, Visual Studio
    • Deployment tools such as: Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, a major cloud provider 
    • Familiarity with message passing protocols such as OPC, MQTT, and pubsub