Virtualization Software Engineer at Nutanix
San Jose, CA, US
Integral to the Nutanix software stack is the Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV). AHV is an enterprise-grade hypervisor tailor-made for Nutanix's software solution and has reliability, performance and scalability characteristics proven to be capable of meeting the demands of the toughest enterprise and private cloud workloads. AHV is built from open-source technologies including KVM, qemu, Open vSwitch and libvirt.

The AHV engineering team are seeking to grow our Cambridge-based engineering team with talented software engineers who will help us develop AHV and shape the future of the software-defined datacenter. We have a forward-thinking approach to our work that has retained many of the best elements of start-up mentality whilst also recognising the need for mature delivery and execution.

  •     Design and develop new AHV features.
  •     Fix problems and maintain Nutanix software.
  •     Constantly push towards making AHV highly reliable, performant and secure.
  •     Interact with open source communities.
  •     Be passionate about datacenter management problems and strive to come up with innovative solutions.
  •     Leading the development of features from concept to market.
  •     Mentoring other software engineers.
  •     Love of programming and problem-solving.
  •     Ability to innovate.
  •     Good C and Python, ideally for enterprise-quality software.
  •     Extensive knowledge of UNIX/Linux.
  •     Familiarity with OS internals, concepts of distributed systems.
  •     Familiarity with x86 architecture, virtualisation and/or storage and network management
  •     Familiarity with KVM and QEMU preferred.
  •     Experience in interaction with open source communities.
Qualifications and Experience
  • Bachelor’s and Master’s (preferred) in Computer Science or another technical discipline.
  • Salary on offer is competitive for similar roles within the Software industry.