PM, Map Rendering at Mapbox
San Francisco, CA, US / Washington, DC, US
Location: Washington, D.C. or San Francisco
Maps are no longer static. Our maps represent the ever-evolving world, accessing, aggregating, and adapting anonymous data from millions of sensors and phones in real-time. Mapbox has the exciting opportunity to power devices and products across the next frontier in location-based data, such as Internet of Things and AR/VR.
Whether you’re watching the delivery of your grocery order on Instacart, looking at a gym on ClassPass, sending snaps on Snapchat, tracking your personal best on Strava, monitoring your gas budget on Metromile, or checking today’s forecast on The Weather Channel, Mapbox is the location and maps within those apps. We’re changing how people move by mapping the world in real-time. We are the developer platform for location.

Maps at Mapbox

Maps is responsible for services that process and deliver map data, map styles, map rendering, and interactivity to customers. Maps services power the core map rendering and interactive experience found in apps like Snapchat, Facebook, Lonely Planet, Tableau, The New York Times, Strava, Adobe Lightroom, and more. We’ve built our platform around well-defined data, styling, and rendering primitives that can be combined to create new experiences. Think Web Standards for Maps. Customers find ways to take our vector tiles, style specification, and SDKs to create 3D running maps through clouds, fictional cartoon worlds, or data visualizations showing all pickup/dropoffs in NYC. We tie all these specifications together into a single web editing interface called Mapbox Studio.
The Map Rendering teams at Mapbox include our Mobile Maps SDKs, Mapbox GL JS, and GL Native. Together, these three teams innovate on our core rendering engine that customers interact with through our Web SDK (Mapbox GL JS) and Mobile SDKs (iOS and Android). Each SDK delivers a smooth and idiomatic developer experience particular to its platform, but the core Mapbox rendering engine targets a consistent experience across all platforms. This makes it possible for customers to design and develop a map experience once and deploy it on the web and mobile. Mapbox developers and designers are constantly innovating on the core renderer and discussing new features such as complex label formatting, 3D mesh and object support, advanced camera handling and animations, scalable icons, and more.
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What You'll Do

As the Map Rendering PM you will be responsible for directing the strategic vision across all map rendering teams at Mapbox. You will coordinate and align the roadmap across multiple products and teams to drive a consistent rendering experience for our customers across Web and Mobile. You will own, develop, and iterate on the mechanisms that allow multiple engineering and design teams to propose new rendering features and coordinate their delivery. You will be responsible for interfacing with customers and understanding deeply which rendering features are intuitive and which are not.  
You will collaborate closely with the Mobile Maps SDK PM and GL JS PM who own, respectively, our Mobile and Web developer experiences and product SKUs. The overall rendering roadmap strategy you define will provide the foundation for their businesses and growth strategies within their respective customer groups.
This is a deeply technical role where a previous life as an engineer will be invaluable. Understanding how to make enhancements vs performance tradeoffs, how/when to explore ideas vs derisk them, move decisively with incomplete data, and dive deep into the technical details of the space will be critical to working effectively and quickly across multiple teams.

Qualities We’re Looking For

  • 3+ years as a PM. You have seen a significant product through a full lifecycle of discovery, development, launch, and adoption. Experience with deprecating/failing a product is a plus.
  • Previous life in a technical role. You have direct hands on experience with engineering. You contributed to running a service/application/SDK in production and dealing with the challenges that come with real customers: maintaining quality, preventing regressions, and delivering features on time.
  • Customer focus. You care deeply about your customers, their problems and work tirelessly to innovate on their behalf.
  • An analytical approach. You have strong SQL skills and use data to properly evaluate the success or failure of features and drive key learnings.
  • Ownership and independent delivery of outcomes. Ability to develop and execute a plan based on high level direction for feature or product development.
  • Strong written and vocal communication skills. You can talk and write about complex ideas concisely to a wide audience. You crisply articulate context and rationale that helps bring along your teammates and stakeholders.
  • High standards for work. You deliver clearly written customer FAQs, blog posts, roadmaps, API interfaces, documentation. You drive a culture of quality on the teams you work with and know how to drive healthy tension between quality and velocity.
  • Strengthen others. Demonstrated investment in coaching and stretching peers across all levels, including colleagues at earlier stages in their careers.