Battery Engineering Intern at QuantumScape
San Jose, CA, US
You will be trained on general battery engineering fundamentals and battery material basics.
You will deliver safety, quality, throughput, and cost goals that are defined by organization.
You will execute projects that successfully address cell related problems and support qualification of the process and designs and facilitate ramp up activities.
You will support testing and implementation of items to support process development and continuous improvement activities.
You will become familiar with multiple cell designs and assembly steps and propose projects.
You will learn and execute data-mining and perform data analysis activities.
Minimum requirement:
Education & Experience
Be a student in BS or MS in engineering major.
Physical requirements:
You have the ability to lift up to 20 pounds and work in lab environment.
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
Interest in learning the battery engineering fundamentals including designs and manufacturing methods.
Basic knowledge of batteries fundamentals.
You have hands on experience in lab environment.
Knowledge or experience in any of following are a plus:
Prior working experience
Course works related to SPC and DOE
Coursework related to the field of electrochemistry, ceramics, or batteries