R&D Technician, Analytical at QuantumScape
San Jose, CA, US
QuantumScape is a start-up located in San Jose, California, and is working on a new technology for energy storage.  We are seeking a motivated and diligent day shift technician to support method development and physical analysis work. The role is expected to consistently provide high quality analytical work in a fast-paced environment.
Job Responsibilities:
·         Prepare samples and operate analytical instruments
·         Manage sample submission queues to achieve high throughput and fast turnaround
·         Deliver high quality, consistent and reliable test results
·         Monitor and log key parameters during tests; clear lab notebook keeping and database interactions
·         Document calibration and maintenance records
·         Maintenance, troubleshooting and minor repairs of analytical instruments
Minimum Requirements:
·         High school diploma or equivalent
·         Able to work on day shift (7:30am-4pm) Tuesday-Saturday
·         Hand-on experiences in analytical tools, such as ICP-OES, XRD and mechanical testing
·         Knowledge of safe laboratory practices, especially in handling chemicals
·         Ability to perform work in a glovebox, dry room or fume hood
·         Motivated to learn new techniques and refine existing techniques
·         Clear written and verbal communication skills
·         Motivated and capable of working independently and within a team
Nice to haves
·         A technical degree from a 2-year program or more
·         > 3 years’ Experience in an analytical or chemical lab
·         Knowledge and experience in analytical chemistry, X-ray techniques, surface analysis and mechanical testing