Android Engineer at Airtime
Palo Alto, CA, US

We’re looking for an exceptional Senior Android Engineer to join us on our journey. If you like working with a high-impact, cross-functional, collaborative team and enjoy autonomy and empowerment… keep reading!     

Airtime Engineering

We are a diverse team of engineers that work on everything from scaling media servers around the world to building highly performant and complex UI on iOS and Android. We are pushing the limits on real time interactivity. We are looking for engineers who like to work with exceptional people on challenging problems.

The A-Team as we’re called at Airtime have one of the most fun and challenging projects in tech today. For one, we're a humble team of Android snobs obsessed about all things Android and believe in doing things the Android way (the “Material” way if you will). We take immense pride in delivering an unparalleled high quality video and highly responsive and “live the moment” experience and push the limit of what you can do on a mobile device. While others see fragmentation on Android as a headache, not only do we embrace it, but we truly love delivering a consistent experience across a huge roster of Android versions and phones and a wide range of device and network constraints!

What You’ll Do

    Build media integrations with a wide variety of sources such as YouTube, Spotify, Giphy just to name a few with more coming. Maybe you think integrating SoundCloud/Twitch/Netflix would be neat? Come on over and build it
    Developed an Android library based on a fork of the open source WebRTC project for our real-time video stack. There are fewer companies than you can count with your hand that have even attempted to do what we do with WebRT
    We are so in love with Material design as does our in-house design and constantly prototype and implement really slick animations, transitions and gestures
    Built a massively multi-threaded application that does a zillion things while maintaining responsiveness and keeping things real and real-time.

What We’re Looking For

    Have a strong Java background. It's okay if you have strong opinions on why you may dislike Java or why you think Go/Swift/Kotlin/Your language of choice are better
    Have a solid understanding of the Android SDK, think in Activities, Fragments and Services and loves adhering to Android best practices
    Loves profiling, optimizing for performance with the tools at your disposal or even finding the occasional memory leak
    Believe you can do so much better than Google when it comes to implementing material design
    While not necessary we consider it a big plus if you love the NDK side of things too or have a secret crush on WebRTC
    Have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field (or foreign equivalent)