Data Analyst at Edison
Denver, CO, US

The Role

Come help our customers learn more about the world. Below is a small sample of the questions we’ve asked of our data over the last year. 
  • Did Lyft’s prospects improve in politically progressive areas in the aftermath of Uber’s press woes?
  • Is Amazon’s revenue growth in the fourth quarter primarily driven by customers in rural areas?
  • How did the path of the solar eclipse affect hotel bookings across the United States?
As part of the client-focused function on the data team, you will be responsible for helping industry-leading companies understand how purchase and travel behavior is changing in America. You will become an expert in our dataset and answers questions from prospects, customers, and internal stakeholders to help extract value from our data.
You creatively work through problems with statistically sound thinking and have the natural itch to follow obstacles to their root cause. You think deeply about the problems ahead and are comfortable moving between tools in your toolbelt. And you are quick to learn, implementing new approaches when facing questions that demand it. You are a stickler for quality and pay careful attention to the details that matter.
You are a gifted communicator and are passionate about helping others make sense of data. You are comfortable juggling multiple projects at one time and relish the opportunity to empower leaders in finance, technology, and consumer goods with data to shape their long term strategy. 
  • 1+ years of SQL experience
  • Ability to communicate findings to non-experts
  • Desire to learn data modeling technologies (python, spark) and build on statistical knowledge
  • Bachelors in social science (Economics, Sociology, ...), related discipline or equivalent experience
  • Excited by a high learning curve
  • Excellent written and oral communicator
Compensation and Benefits
  • Highly competitive salary and benefits  
  • Stock grants pre-IPO at a company backed by top investors
  • Take unlimited, responsible vacation
About Us
Edison provides intelligent email solutions for users and competitive intelligence for businesses. The largest, most valuable and as yet untapped data on earth is in mail; 3x larger than the worldwide web. Through our user base of more than 3 million users, we empower investors, brands, and technology companies to understand trends in the marketplace and gain deep insights into consumer behavior patterns.

As a team, we’re collaborative, engaged, and committed to continually improving as we serve our mission. None of us are on an island-- we trust our teammates to lend a hand when we’re stuck and our egos take a backseat to figuring out the best approach to tackling problems. We’re energized by tough problems and are excited to know that a challenge ahead of us does not have a textbook solution. Finally, we’re always in a posture of learning-- there is a lot we do not know but that does not hold us back from making an attempt at solutions. We lead thorough blameless postmortems to become better analysts, scientists, and leaders.