Sr. Manager, Data Platform at Netskope
San Francisco, CA, US

Within Netskope Engineering, the Data Team provides global security insights and intelligence to internal and external customers with data that allows them to visualize and act in sub-seconds. We leverage and extend open source technologies to create cloud-scale streaming, data and machine learning platforms that scale horizontally to deliver world-class data as a service to our customers.

You will lead a growing team focused on building high-performance, horizontally scalable Data services for the Netskope Security Cloud. You will wear the hats of architect, manager and technical leader, and seamlessly move between them as you lead the design, development, and delivery of all of the core data areas that power Netskope’s cloud-scale metrics, including Streaming, Ingestion, Storage, OLTP, and Query Layers.

Additional responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

  • Providing technical leadership and strategic direction for Data Platform Services
  • Managing and growing a team of high performing individual contributors
  • Managing the teams responsible for Kafka, Mongo, Druid, MySql, Redis, Ingestion and Query services
  • Designing and developing microservices and abstraction layers needed to make multi-cloud footprint low latency, cost-efficient, and developer-friendly
  • Collaborating across organizational boundaries to ensure the shared roadmap and streamlined delivery of features

Ideal candidates will have experience working in big SaaS / IaaS environments, including:

  • Architectural experience with distributed systems: Kafka, Mongo, MySql, NewSQL, Druid
  • Programming mastery of Python, GO or any other language
  • Hands-on SQL skills and background in other data stores like Mongo, Druid, MySql.
  • Experience with spotting bad schemas, code and designing good ones.
  • Good coding best practices and effective code review feedback
  • Flexibility to coordinate with India team and encourage round-the-clock efficiency
  • Proven experience coaching, mentoring and growing developers of all levels: senior, mid-level, junior data teams
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • BSCS or equivalent required, MSCS or equivalent strongly preferred