Tech Product Lead - DevEx Team at Wix
Tel Aviv, IL

We are:

The Wix DevEx (Dev Experience) group. We cultivate one of the most innovative development CI/CD systems in the world using cutting edge technologies. Every day our systems execute over 30,000 build runs, millions of test runs, and more than 400 deployments-to-production per day. We also handle the developers' local development environment, and provide tools to optimize the dev experience.

Our mission-critical system supports the day-to-day work of over 1,000 developers’ backend and frontend, practicing Scala, Java, Node, Python, Go, C, and more using various build tools such as NPM and Bazel to achieve those goals.


You are:

A Product Manager with 2-3 years’ experience in building systems and designing APIs (Big advantage is if it was on a infrastructure/platform). In addition to your product experience, you have solid 2+ years’ experience in software development (preferably web development) and understand the engineering development life cycle in all of its aspects (from local development, through CI and deployment). You’re skilled in researching and analyzing users’ needs, intents, and business cases, and have proven achievements under your belt.

As an intelligent and curious professional, you always apply your innovative thinking to solving any problem. You also have excellent teamwork and communication skills mostly in around engineering. On top of all of this, you LOVE being a Product Manager and solving problems for your users.


As a DevEx technical product you will:

  • Lead the development of internal tools to replace the existing outdated tools. Those tools are heavily used daily by engineers across Wix to support all the coding related activities.
  • Work with top talent engineers in order to define a ground breaking CI/CD platform to support multiple existing and future use cases.
  • Fully own your products - including strategy, research, experience, product definition, execution, launch and production.
  • Play a key role in the group’s roadmap-building process.
  • Talk to users constantly and analyze user data to continually improve our products