Senior Backend Engineer - Core Platform at Wix
Tel Aviv, IL

We are:

Wix’s Backend Engineering group, where our core guild engineers solve some of the most challenging internet-scale problems that exist today.

Due to our high scale, we run our production clusters across multiple data centers and cloud vendors, managing an ecosystem of more than 1,300 microservices. This introduces unique distributed system challenges of synchronization, performance, testing, and monitoring while working with cutting edge technologies.


About the team:

We’re a small team of experienced developers. In our day-to-day, we build core services that design to handle Wix’s real-time traffic. We always strive to simplify our services and APIs to enable us scale horizontally and have better resiliency. We are writing highly concurrent code in Scala and focusing mainly on caching and performance optimization.


Our Challenges:

Our services handle traffic of over 1.5 million RPM across multiple data centers and using multiple cloud vendors. Our main challenge is to constantly improve performance and optimize flows at Wix, for our 170 million users, both as site visitors and editors. 

We measure everything using sophisticated AB testing tools, evolving to new technologies to support the always growing scale, and leading common practices in the guild, such as how to write asynchronous and highly concurrent code. 


What we’re looking for:

An experienced engineer with at least 2 years coding in Scala, experience with maintaining critical core production services. Outstanding technical and soft skills, being able to communicate and assist others, with the ability to dive into the details, investigating the root cause and applying common sense.

Bonus points to engineers with experience with site rendering flows/networking, performance, and optimization.