Backend Engineering- Infrastructure Team at Wix
Tel Aviv, IL

We are:

Wix Dev Experience group is first and foremost a product group. Our product drives the code from keyboard to production, our goal is to enable our users - the entire Wix R&D - to deploy their changes to production as fast as possible with confidence.
Our system is designed to support building millions of lines of code, running hundreds of thousands of tests (some of which are very complex), and support thousands of production deployments per day.

To do this we built our own unique build system, that is using multiple microservices and local dev tooling we’ve designed and implemented, some of them are groundbreaking. This is done to keep the users experience simple, so they can understand the impact of their code change, and get very fast feedback loop.

In our group, we are our own Product Managers and turn our ideas into products quite often.
Our stack consists mainly of very strong backend developers. Our mission to fuel Wix’s amazing growth and make the ever growing scale and complexity simple, by providing the best E2E dev experience out there. 


You are:

A Backend Developer with at least 3 years’ experience using Java/Scala/...who're excited about working on developer tools. You know your way around a web environment, are a capable Linux user, have great ideas and love solving problems. You’re a fast learner with a positive 'can do' attitude. You see the big picture and you get it. You are able to reason and communicate your opinions clearly and work well with others and you’re a team player.


As a backend engineer in the Dev Experience group, you will:

  • Work on cutting-edge technologies and become an industry leader.
  • Improve your skills and learn from top-notch engineers.
  • Tackle tough problems and find creative ways to solve them.
  • Have your code being used by ~1000 engineers in Wix’s rapidly growing R&D
  • Influence the developer community.
  • Contribute to the OSS community