Infrastructure Developer at Wix
Tel Aviv, IL

We are:

The Wix System Engineering team. We’re responsible for defining the system architecture of the company, network and security standards, and maintaining our global infrastructure in data centers spanning around the globe. We design, develop and operate services and components that engineering relies on to deliver solutions to Wix.

We are looking for an Infrastructure engineer, that will help our team build and improve our deployment and HTTP/GRPC-routing management platform. 


You are:

You're an experienced engineer that has an in-depth understanding of OOP and SOLID design principles (if you know functional programming concepts - that’s awesome), care about system design, testability, maintainability of your code in the long run.
You have a working knowledge of Go and Ruby (and a bit of Python), but knowledge of any other programming languages is an advantage (Scala, Clojure, Rust maybe?).
You have a good understanding of cloud-native technologies like containers (Docker), orchestration (Kubernetes), routing (nginx/envoy/istio, not necessarily deep networking stack), cloud platforms (AWS or GCP) and configuration management systems (Chef).
If you can explain these terms to us - we definitely want to talk to you: distributed systems, CAP, Paxos, Raft, their guarantees, eventual consistency, microservice-based architectures. 


As an Infrastructure Engineer, you will:

  • Write code, ranging from simple clean-up scripts to highly-loaded user-facing applications.
  • Investigate issues, from typos to non-googleable TCP stack peculiarities.
  • Collaborate with other R&D to deliver new features for our deployment and traffic routing infrastructure.