Frontend Team Lead (Promote Team) at Wix
Vilnius, LT

We are:

Wix Promote - a team dedicated to developing innovative marketing technology and services to help our SMB users grow their businesses. We live and breathe online marketing, and directly impact the livelihood of more than 160 million users.

Our team of 50 people is located in Tel Aviv and Lithuania. The local Vilnius team is a group of passionate individuals with a developer-centric culture. We embrace ownership, transparency, clean code, performance, best engineering and testing practices for our highly scalable systems that support Wix’s 160+ million users around the globe every day. We work in teams, follow Agile practices, and use CI/CD to run quickly while maintaining the high quality of our product.

Wix Promote owns 10 different marketing products within the Wix ecosystem. Our Vilnius team owns the Wix Email Marketing tool, which is used by millions to create and send billions of email campaigns. 

You are:

A natural leader who’s able to create a vision for your team and lead people through its execution. You have at least 5 years’ experience as an engineer, part of which may include experience in leading a team. You share your opinions when appropriate – but are also humble and respectful of the opinions of others. 

You’re intelligent and passionate about frontend and JavaScript, and you’re up-to-date with all the latest frontend technologies, frameworks (React, Angular, Ember, Vue, etc), tools (Babel, Webpack, TypeScript, npm) and Node.js. You’re familiar with both: software engineering best practices (clean code, testing, code reviews, pair-programming, etc) and anti-patterns.

Bonus points if you have experience developing and maintaining large scale production systems, or if you practice functional programming, Test Driven Development (TDD) and Continuous Delivery. A BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science or a related field is a plus.

As a Frontend Team Leader, you will:

  • Be a part of the Feature Team, and be hands-on in development at least 80% of the time.
  • Push your code to millions of users every day.
  • Mentor and guide the team within code reviews, pair programming, lectures, training and more.
  • Focus on the big picture, break it down into necessary steps and make decisions about priorities.
  • Through leadership, help the team design, develop and maintain large scale systems in an efficient manner.
  • Share knowledge and collaborate with other teams.
  • Contribute to the engineering culture and methodologies of Wix.
  • Help recruit top-notch engineers to your team and Wix.
  • Interact with stakeholders outside of the team.