Senior Application Security Engineer (Software Development) at Twitter
San Francisco, CA, US

By applying for this role, you could choose to work in the following locations:
San Francisco
US - Remote US

Who We Are

The Information Security (InfoSec) team is a blend of security engineers and security-focused software engineers helping ensure Twitter builds and maintains secure software. In addition we consult, develop tooling, and advocate and train engineers throughout the SDLC to ensure security is prioritized at each step of development.

What You’ll Do

As a Senior Software Engineer, you'll join a team of talented security engineers working to reduce risk across the company. We identify recurring classes of security problems, find the root cause, and develop generalized solutions. We develop common security libraries and protection mechanisms (eg. input validation, security filters) that are consumed by Twitter production services. We are also responsible for helping remove friction in the security ecosystem via automation and tooling for teams.


You will meet most (but need not meet all) of the following points:

    Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related technical field.
    4+ years of software engineering experience.
    Software development experience with two or more programming languages, including at least one of: Java, Python, JavaScript, Scala, Go, or Ruby.
    Understand Test-driven and security-focused web application development.
    Experience building common software libraries or components consumed by multiple applications.
    Likes building, integrating & supporting tools and processes to reliably identify security issues and logic flaws across large code bases.
    Awareness of common software security flaws and web application security best practices.
    Experience working with operational or DevOps teams.