IT Business Analyst / Finance PM - Temporary at Gainsight
San Mateo, CA, US

Gainsight™ is a venture-backed, fast growing tech company revolutionizing Customer Success for businesses. The Customer Success company helps businesses grow faster by reducing churn, increasing upsell, and driving customer advocacy. Gainsight provides a complete, end-to-end Customer Success solution through its services and technology. The industry-leading platform helps companies manage customers relationships effectively, track customer health and transform the way organizations orient around the customer. Gainsight is the platform of choice for many leading companies like Box, Adobe and Workday. The company has been recognized as one of the top 100 private cloud companies in the world by Forbes, one of the fastest growing private companies in America by Inc. Magazine, and as one of 20 Great Workplaces in Tech by Fortune Magazine. Gainsight’s CEO, Nick Mehta, has been recognized as one of the Top SaaS CEOs in America. The company has offices in California, Phoenix, St. Louis, London and India.

With diversity and inclusion at the forefront of Gainsight’s core values, we promote a culture that celebrates diversity and inclusiveness at Gainsight, regardless of, but not limited to, race, gender, sexual orientation, family status, religion, ethnicity, national origin, physical disability, veteran status, or age.

Job Description

Lead critical Finance projects working with the Finance team, other departments, and vendors to deliver improved processes and systems (including new implementations as needed).  This role requires an excellent balance of financial expertise, financial systems experience, and project management skills.  Should be comfortable with a global, fast paced, multi-tasking startup environment and possess excellent communication skills for any audience.  Expertise in Revenue Accounting and Revenue systems is required.  This position will support our RevPro implementation.

This is a 5 to 6 month Temporary Position.

What You'll Do

    Lead Finance projects to support Quote to Cash, Revenue, Expense Management, Compensation, and other Finance related business processes.  Immediate focus will be on our RevPro implementation and the Quote to Cash process/system changes needed to support it.
    Projects may include finance operations, process analysis & optimization, systems implementation & testing, process documentation, and training.
    Evaluate business processes, anticipate requirements, uncover areas for improvement, develop and implement solutions.
    Prepare cost-benefit analyses for projects across departments and manage project financials.
    Work with department managers, team members, and vendors to implement a project schedule and ensure that teams meet milestones throughout the project lifecycle.
    Take an active role in preventing delays and ensuring that deliverables are completed according to schedule.
    Build and work with cross-functional teams. Coordinate across departments and motivate staff members to complete projects according to both internal and external deadlines.
    Communicate with both team members and executives during the project lifecycle. Present findings to stakeholders and effectively communicate between team members and departments.

Required Skills

What We're Looking For

    Combination of Finance knowledge, system implementation experience, and project management skills.
    Experience with 606 Revenue in general, with RevPro specific experience being highly desired.
    A bachelor’s degree in business or IT or an MBA or equivalent work experience.
    A minimum of 10 years experience as a Finance or IT project manager or analyst
    Knowledge and experience working with Revenue Accounting systems
    Exceptional analytical and conceptual thinking skills.

Job Benefits

At Gainsight, we don't believe in doing things as a "means to an end." Life's too short to have anything short of a joyful work environment that we passionately believe in. We think that "work vs. life" is a false choice created by pundits, cynics and consultants. We also believe that any community (like a company) needs a ton of diversity and a very small number of things that bring us together.

Here are our 5 core values

    Golden Rule: We try to practice the Golden Rule ("Do unto others..." and that sort of thing) by exercising reliability, trust and giving back to each other and our community.
    Success for All: We believe that success for our stakeholders—whether our teammates, clients or shareholders—comes with a sincere focus on continuous learning, selfless teaching and making a difference in each other’s lives.
    Child-like Joy: We aspire to experience child-like joy in our work and lives, injecting a spirit of passion, optimism and laughter into everything that we do.
    Shoshin: We believe in a beginner’s mind.  Don’t surround yourself with people like you--diversity breeds creativity.
    Stay Thirsty, My Friends: We believe in a totally internally-driven strive for greatness. The solution is think more, not doing more.

Why You’ll Love It Here

    Our Attitude: We’ve created a new industry from scratch, and we’re on the fast track!
    Our Leadership: We offer the leading tech solution for driving Customer Success.
    Our ROI: Reduce customer churn, increase up-sell, and improve customer satisfaction.
    Our Technology: Deep hooks, predictive analytics, and a beautiful user interface.
    Our Impact: We help our customers make millions of dollars more per year.
    Our Clients: Big companies like Box, Adobe, Marketo, and many others.
    Our Team: Tech all-stars from Facebook, Box, and others (and top consulting firms like BCG and McKinsey!).
    Our Values: They are unique - Golden Rule, Success for All, Childlike Joy, Shoshin, and Stay Thirsty, My Friends
    Our Office: If you showed up one day, you might find anything from karaoke performances to mini-golf championships.