Senior Software Engineer - Growth at Nextdoor
San Francisco, CA, US

Nextdoor is the neighborhood hub for you, your neighbors and the broader local community. Nextdoor’s purpose is to cultivate a kinder world where everyone has a neighborhood they can rely on.

Building connections in the real world is a universal human need. That truth, and the reality that neighborhoods are one of the most important and useful communities in our lives have been guiding principles for Nextdoor. Today, neighbors rely on Nextdoor in neighborhoods around the world in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Australia and Canada, with many more to come.

Meet your Future Neighbors

At Nextdoor, we are committed to our mission of creating the neighborhood hub for local communities. Growth is responsible for the acquisition and activation funnels of new and returning members so that those members can experience and participate in those communities. We're a team that uses data to identify friction and pain points for our users that enable us to build product experiences for them. We're responsible for the user journey of bringing a user to Nextdoor through organic and paid means, joining their neighborhood, and reaching their magic moment on the platform which keeps them coming back.

The Impact You’ll Make

Along with exploiting already identified levers in existing funnels, you will help us build products to help us understand and identify new ways to grow our active user base. For this year, those are primarily focused on rethinking our onboarding experience and finding new avenues for product-driven growth.

You will be responsible for the following areas of development:

    Iterative reimagining of our onboarding and activation moments in the product
    Exploring big bets around new product-driven growth loops to get our biggest advocates to help evangelize Nextdoor
    Optimizing key acquisition flows such sign up and login

What You’ll Bring to The House

    Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, or equivalent work experience.
    5+ years of product engineering experience
    Javascript and React expertise
    A strong, data-driven product sense
    Strong collaboration and communication skills, both verbal and written.

Bonus Points

    Previous growth experience
    Familiarity and comfort with full stack development