Data Science Manager at LiveIntent
Copenhagen, DK

LiveIntent is looking to expand our team and recruit a versatile and well structured Data Science Manager with a passion for machine learning and a basic understanding of software development to join our team in Copenhagen! In this role you will be a key player in a challenging and dynamic development environment and be exposed to a complex architecture while sitting in the driver's seat of some of the most strategically important projects. Here you will find the flexibility for you to find your own rhythm and working methods, and you will be part of a culture where the argument is always important. We are passionate about new solutions, technologies and algorithms, but pragmatic in our choice of solutions


LiveIntent Copenhagen has been responsible for the development and deployment of the company’s next generation identity technology. Because of our success, we have also gotten a leading responsibility for the machine learning developed with our partners in Moscow, which is used for our auction technology.


The Position:

As a Data Science Manager, you will be responsible for facilitating and managing the usage of identity information in machine learning behind our auctions, and spar with IPONWEB’s R&D-department about improvements of technology in regards to the machine learning challenges we face with the company’s expansion into new markets.

You need to have the professional confidence to be able to ask about existing solutions, the creativity to find alternative solutions and a personality that makes you able to manage a project among business experts, technologists and PhD graduates, who all have sound opinions before you even enter the door. Finally you have to have the courage to take charge of the direction of the project.


In this role, you will have to document the statuses of the different projects, communicate across different cultures and be able to analyse problems based on data yourself. You will to a great extend be able to plan your own day and choose the subjects you want to focus on, but you are expected to work closely with the developers in Copenhagen and participate in video meetings with employees at the company’s other offices in Berlin and New York as well as the employees of IPONWEB in Moscow.


You can expect to be the anchor of all stages of development, from initial discussions and exchange of ideas for prototyping, development, testing, deployment, maintenance/improvement and reporting. All while keeping a focus on expertise in machine learning and information utilization.


We believe in flexibility under responsibility and insist on a high level of competence. Our development process is as a result of that a loosely defined hybrid of agile methods and rapid prototyping. 


The development at IPONWEB is more traditionally rooted in Scrum. You will need to be able to understand both cultures and coordinate the progress on both sides.


Your Profile:

You have a couple of years experience with project management between companies and across different departments, possibly from the consulting or the academic world. You also have a higher mathematical education. (Computer science, math, physics, chemistry, etc.)

You are passionate about machine learning and are looking for a job where you can immerse yourself in it without necessarily having to be a data scientist or developer. You thrive on having disparate devices work together, and want to be in a place where your role is absolutely vital to the business's progress. Hopefully you are also interested in programming (in several different languages) and either have a background in adtech or a desire to get to know this very complex environment.


You have a practical and/or theoretical understanding of:

  • Classic statistics (hypothesis tests, confidence intervals)
  • General data mining and machine learning
  • SQL
  • Logistic linear regression

Additionally it would be a plus if you know about:

  • General ETL-processing
  • Distributed data processing for really large amounts of data (MapReduce / Hadoop / Spark)
  • Programming in Scala and/or Python


You approach problems analytically and solutions pragmatically. You are full of good ideas, able to see opportunities and improvements in other people’s ideas, and are able to discuss ideas in a constructive manner.


You love juggling with a lot of different issues at once and breaking them into individual tasks so that they are able to be solved quickly. You understand that finding new facets of data is more important than adjusting meta parameters for algorithms. You enjoy structuring and finishing tasks, and you are curious about new task areas. You want to understand and get involved in the company’s problem area, and are able to communicate in English with management and colleagues at the other LiveIntent offices. You are good at understanding and communicating tasks, and you are able to learn about new technologies if it is required.


Your life suits a job, where there normally will be a few weeks of travel a year and meetings with business partners most often will take place in the afternoon or evening.


We Offer

You can look forward to being a key player in a challenging and dynamic developmental story where you will be part of a team with some of the industry's hottest talents. This is a great opportunity to learn from others while also having the flexibility to dive into experiments on your own. We are passionate about new solutions, technologies and algorithms, but pragmatic in our choice of solutions.


We believe in freedom and flexibility under responsibility so that office hours can be adapted to your life as long as meetings are covered. If you need to work from home one day, it is completely fine, as long as you live up to what is expected.We are an international company, with frequent contact between the departments in Berlin and New York City. The position is located in our office in Copenhagen.


The Company

LiveIntent is a fast-growing New York-based company that drives and develops the leading marketplace for e-mail-based advertisement. We are changing the way people and businesses connect on the Internet. LiveIntent uses big data, predictive algorithms, and machine-learning to solve complex problems and deliver proprietary business value to our customers. To help propel our explosive growth, we are looking for sharp minds who can translate ideas into action and help drive innovation. As the only company bringing innovative, customer-focused solutions to email, this is your chance to help shape an industry while honing your skills with cutting-edge technology.


LiveIntent is now one of the largest people-based marketing platforms in the world reaching over 190M logged-in people and also one of the first, having gone to market with the technology in 2010. LiveIntent is headquartered in NYC, with offices in Berlin, Chicago, and Copenhagen serving as home to 200 people and counting.