Staff Engineer - Kubernetes based multi-cloud platform infrastructure at Nutanix
San Jose, CA, US

Our team is a startup within Nutanix and is tasked to build Kubernetes based multi-cloud PaaS - platform as a service. Our high level goal is to create an ubiquitous platform that allows customers to deploy their Containerized Applications at the Edge and Private or Public data centers on bare metal or virtualized servers. This is also an opportunity to work in a team of diverse skills. You will get a chance to apply and broaden your expertise in distributed systems infrastructure, (Docker) Container technologies, machine learning, security, cloud services and serverless architectures.

As a multi-cloud platform engineer, you have a penchant for applying Kubernetes and its ecosystems to build scalable and resilient infrastructure. You’ll not hesitate to go deeper into layers of Kubernetes and Docker and use your depth of experience to build a simple to use system by hiding all the complexities by abstraction. You’re also a constant learner and look for opportunities to bring in advancements in Container technologies and apply to solve real system building problems. 


  • Apply your  Kubernetes and Docker Containers expertise to build a multi-cloud PaaS platform for deploying Applications.
  • Identify opportunities to fully utilize native Kubernetes features to build simple to use systems. As needed be willing to learn about and drill into Kubernetes subsystems like CSI, CNI, Kubernetes Control Plane and so on
  • Work closely with Engineering and Product stakeholders to define crisp roadmap items, prepare solid engineering execution plans and deliver the features on time, with quality. 
  • Make pragmatic decisions to bring the features out in the best possible way without compromising the quality and backward compatibility
  • Understand real world scenarios and develop test plans to validate your features
  • Write automated tests to deliver to increase feature quality and code coverage


  • Excellent grasp of Kubernetes and Docker Container Technologies
  • Excellent understanding of applicability of Kubernetes and Docker containers in system building
  • Proficient in modern programming languages like C++, Java, Python or GOLANG
  • Exceptional analytical and problem solving skills, Attention to details
  • Excellent grasp of software architecture and design
  • Excellent grasp of microservices based architectures
  • Great understanding of code optimization for performance and scalability
  • Experience developing containerized applications or services, on Docker ecosystem or kubernetes ecosystem is a plus
  • Contributions to Kubernetes Open Source components is a plus
  • Exposure to building applications on public clouds (AWS, Google, Azure) is a plus

Qualifications and Experience:

  • 6+ years of experience building large scale distributed systems and 3+ years using Kubernetes and Docker Containers
  • BS or MS in Computer Science or related field.