SMTS - Automation Engineer (Prism Pro) at Nutanix
San Jose, CA, US

Nutanix Prism Pro improves the quality and efficiency in IT operations for the modern datacenter. Powered by machine learning and task automation, Prism Pro intelligently optimizes capacity, proactively detects performance anomalies, and enables the IT team to automate operations tasks with ease and confidence. Traditional IT operations management (ITOM) tools were built for static infrastructure. They often overwhelm IT teams with complex and noisy alerts that the teams can’t do anything about. In dynamic and scalable modern data centers with high performance and diverse workloads, IT teams need simplicity and accuracy to achieve high productivity in operations.

Overview of the role 

MTS4/SMTS, Test Developer/Lead is responsible for testing the component layers in the control plane (management layer) of the Nutanix platform. Prism Pro Monitoring and alerting infrastructure helps maintain overall system health, provides abilities to automate some of the day to day system tasks and enables support team to reach out customers proactively in case of any unforeseen system issues, failures. Prism Pro also learns performance behaviors, detects anomalies, and enables automated remediation via various canned actions. 

The individual should be able to develop complex test plans covering all the aspects of the product both at the component level and also end-2-end perspective. He/She needs to have an interest and capability in understanding the architecture and design limitations and come up with a comprehensive test plan in exercising and breaking the developed solution.


  • Conducting requirements and design reviews of new features.
  • Designing high level test approaches and implementing detailed test plans.
  • Designing UI/Rest automation framework and add automated test cases for existing and new features.
  • REST API testing
  • Executing automated and manual tests during product testing phases to find all bugs in your assigned feature area(s).
  • Working closely with the Development team to analyze and find root cause of failures.
  • Filing defects and tracking them to closure.


  • BS or MS in Computer Science or a related field is required.
  • Minimum of 6-10 or more years of automation development experience.
  • Experience in testing application level framework
  • Experience with Python API test framework development
  • Experience in developing UI test framework using selenium.
  • Experience in test plan design and test case development for complex software projects.
  • Ability to debug and extend automated tests.
  • Experience testing a “systems” product (file systems, storage systems, databases, operating systems, hypervisors, or networking).
  • Good understanding UNIX, preferably Linux.
  • Basic understanding of Docker containers.
  • Good to have experience in virtualization technologies such as VMware, Hyper-V, KVM.
  • Experience in testing scalable performant distributed systems. 
  • Familiarity with version control systems such as GIT, build management tools and Continuous Integration tools such as Jenkins
  • Ability to write scripts and tools for development and debugging.
  • Basic understanding of web technologies (HTTP/S, Javascript, JSON)
  • Working closely with the Development team to analyze and finding the root cause of failures.