Senior Software Engineer, Developer Tools at Mapbox
Washington, DC, US

What we do

On any given day, millions of people interact with Mapbox’s global API infrastructure, while behind the scenes, hundreds of Mapbox developers continually deploy code, process petabytes of data, and improve the durability and efficiency of our product. Powering this engine is our Developer Tools team: a group of developers who build and operate a first-class suite of devops tools, run our self-serve deployment pipeline, provision a shared computing layer for the company, and advise Mapbox developers on optimizing cost, scale, and fault-tolerance on AWS. As Mapbox grows, the Developer Tools team serves as the backbone of scaling our self-service and high-quality development on AWS. The team is a key player in helping Mapbox developers deliver an operationally excellent, high-availability product to our customers.


The team's scope of work includes tooling and systems for continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD), cluster management, benchmarking, observability, incident response, database replication, cost monitoring, and more. 


What you’ll do

Mapbox is looking for a talented and experienced engineer to help grow the foundation of our platform. We’re excited to share our passion for scalability with you, and for your perspective to help shape our team’s goals. You will be responsible for contributing to, operating, and improving all things related to our cloud infrastructure and devops toolkits. In this role, you can expect to:

  • Support internal customers of the platform by shipping features to address their needs and consulting on implementation of our systems and tools
  • Simplify and strengthen Mapbox’s processes and tools for designing, deploying, and monitoring workloads on AWS
  • Spearhead development of systems that improve our API reliability, cost monitoring, data processing, engineering and management
  • Promote a culture of operational excellence by meticulously testing and monitoring our systems and code, and being on-call to support the health of our services
  • Design systems and make decisions that will keep pace with the rapid growth of Mapbox
  • Document your work and decision-making processes, and lead presentations and discussions in a way that is easy for others to understand
  • Uphold a culture of collaboration, transparency, creativity, inclusion, and data-driven decisions


What we believe are important traits for this role

  • Proven ability to design and develop sophisticated, innovative, efficient, and durable infrastructure on AWS
  • Track record of building self-service and high-quality tools for developers with a customer-driven mindset
  • A desire to share your expertise through documentation, mentorship, and both written and vocal discussion
  • A personal drive to expand your comfort zone by exploring new and/or unfamiliar tasks
  • A desire to work with individuals with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences
  • Autonomy and proactivity around driving work to completion in the face of ambiguity
  • Strong proficiency in a programming language, testing practices, and thorough documentation
  • Experience with our tech stack—Node.js, Docker, AWS (CloudFormation, ECS, Lambda, DynamoDB, and more) is a plus