Member of Technical Staff, Materials Engineer at QuantumScape
San Jose, CA, US

Characterize solid-state materials and understand their surface/interface properties

-  Modify and engineering interface properties to improve lamination quality
-  Design and/or customize R&D tools to enable materials research
-  Introduce and qualify new processes to our baseline process
-  Collaborate with engineers from multiple disciplines to optimize solutions and ensure that device design and performance goals are met; deliver high-quality technical report
Master’s degree in Materials Science/Chemical Engineering or Bachelor's degree with a year of experience in a relevant industry
Knowledge of safe laboratory practices, especially in handling chemicals
Ability to perform work in a glovebox, dry room or fume hood
Motivated to learn new techniques and refine existing techniques
Hand-on experience in materials synthesis or device fabrication and characterizations
Solid background knowledge in electrochemistry and solid-state ion conductors
Perform under pressure in an energized and a fast paced environment; love working in a team setting and capable of working independently
Clear verbal and written communication skills to logically communicate ideas and thought processes
Master’s degree in Materials Science/Chemical Engineering and 1+ years of experience in battery research
Expertise in interface characterizations including both sample preparation and data analysis
Solid understanding in ceramic materials phase diagrams and solid-state ion conduction mechanisms
Experience in working with a glovebox, dry room, or fume hood
Proficient in bulk and surface analysis techniques: SEM, XPS, XRD, SIMS, Raman, DMA, mechanical testing
You are disciplined in your approach and rely on the application of statistical methods for experiment planning, data analysis, and process control