Backend Engineer (X) at Postmates
Vancouver City, British Columbia, CA

At Postmates X, we are reimagining how things move in cities. Serve, our personable sidewalk delivery robot, is our vision for the future of delivery. It’s designed to take deliveries away from congested streets and onto underutilized alleys and sidewalks, to save energy, reduce emissions, reduce traffic, and make deliveries faster and cheaper. Why move two-pound burritos with two-ton cars? 

Serve has been years in the making and has already done thousands of customer deliveries. 



We are tech industry veterans in software, hardware, and design who are pooling our individual talents together to build a legacy. Our team is inclusive, agile, and driven by a common purpose. We are solving real-world problems with machine learning, computer vision, and robotics, with a mindful eye towards the end-to-end user experience. By joining our team, you will help create the first robotic helpers entering our cities: moving alongside us and running our errands!



You’ll be a developer in the Fleetware team. As an early member of our small and agile group,  you’ll help build intuitive interfaces for human-robot interaction and managing a robotic fleet at scale. Our stack is still developing, and it includes Python, C++, Kubernetes, BigQuery and PostgreSQL. 


We need your help in designing and developing our backend and cloud services. Here are some things you’ll be required to do:

  • Work closely with teammates — engineers, product managers, and designers —  to define new software requirements and architecture
  • Create, optimize, and maintain services that enable a robot fleet to perform deliveries
  • Build data pipelines that supply fleet and delivery metrics to engineers, and business managers
  • Optimize and tune existing systems for speed and performance



  • Written and deployed a stateful backend server from scratch
  • Instrumented your code to collect analytical metrics
  • Been on call for the services you owned
  • Written unit and integration tests for your code
  • Spent a minimum of 2 years crafting elegant and scalable backend systems in your language of choice. We currently utilize Python on the backend, but think Typescript and Go are cool too
  • Created and maintained SQL and/or NoSQL databases



  • Have experience wrangling big data with technologies such as Kafka and Pub/Sub
  • Have worked at, or started a small company where you had to wear many hats
  • Prefer problems over tasks
  • Know how to close the analytics loop and create insightful stories from data, by connecting backend metrics and analytics pipelines to the frontend. We use tools such as Grafana, Prometheus, and Chartio
  • Have strong conceptual knowledge or hands-on experience with zero-trust security principles and practices. Bonus points if have experience designing and implementing a token-based security architecture for a full-stack system
  • Have experience managing cloud systems in Google Cloud Platform. Experience with Kubernetes, Helm, and other cloud-native technologies is a huge plus
  • Are a self-starter and strong finisher



  • Competitive salary and generous stock option plan
  • Medical, dental and vision insurance
  • We'll provide the equipment you need to work efficiently and creatively
  • Paid parental leave, vacation time and sick time
  • 3 paid volunteer days to give back to the community
  • Impact-first work environment (no politics, no pandering)
  • Huge company vision (we need you to build the future, not just maintain the status quo)
  • Full support to contribute to open source projects
  • We support remote work, and most of us are working that way right now.