Staff Engineer, Discovery and Appliance at Netskope
San Francisco, CA, US

Do you thrive on designing simple, elegant solutions to complex distributed systems problems? Are you passionate about writing performant and elegant code involved in processing high volumes of data? Do your peers look for your expert advice in designing cloud microservices? Are you an expert of hybrid cloud? If the answer to all of the above is yes, then we have a great opportunity for you at Platform team at Netskope. You will help us build the next generation of cloud services to power the cloud security risk assessment services (a.k.a. Discovery) and cloud-managed appliance products.


  • Develop horizontally scalable cloud services that are responsible for processing high volumes of log data efficiently while extracting unique insights
  • Build cloud services to monitor and manage appliances distributed across the globe
  • Design and develop our next generation of virtual appliance offering that is optimized for storage and compute
  • Build APIs that allows to build natural and intuitive user experiences


  • Master of Science in Computer Science or equivalent
  • 8+ years of design and development preferably in product/services development
  • Strong understanding of distributed systems, data-structure and algorithms
  • Strong background in designing scalable services leveraged by millions of clients
  • Experience in designing/building REST services
  • Familiarity with one or more data storage technologies (e.g. ceph, NFS, gluster)
  • Experience building and debugging software on unix/linux platform
  • Experience working with docker containers