Senior Engineer at Sharethrough

This position will be remote through 2020, with an option to stay remote or work in one of our offices in San Francisco, Austin, Chicago or New York upon reopening.

As a senior engineer at Sharethrough you’ll work on various projects spanning frontend backend, and dataflow development. You’ll be responsible for building the ad-rendering engine and integrations that power websites such as Forbes, CBSi, CNN, Reddit, VICE and WebMD, and Yahoo. You’ll help monitor and optimize performance and measure the impact of changes to the ad ecosystem as well as helping to support our publishers and the management of their inventory. Our data-driven approach to evolving our ad platform leverages the power of data extraction and transformation against our rich collection of server and tracking data.

We believe in and invest in not only the constant evolution of our software but also ourselves, our processes and our frameworks. Want to deepen your existing skills and explore new ones?  As a Sharethrough engineer, you’ll be able to do exactly that, because we are stronger together as we not only teach each other but also learn from each other and from others from across the organization.
What You'll Be Doing

    Having a say: You’ll participate in the problem definition and solution process with a diverse group of people across engineering, product and the company as a whole.
    Proper engineering: You’ll mainly write in Typescript/ES6 (i.e. Javascript). You should be familiar with not only best coding practices, but also tricks and quirks of running in multiple versions of web browsers (thankfully, for IE, is version 11 and above). Experience in writing robust code that has run in a variety of real-time environments is an added bonus, as is experience in frontend frameworks such as React.
    Technical heavy lifting: You’ll not only be key contributor but you’ll have many opportunities to directly architect features, services, and backend integrations with internal and third party systems, data pipelines and data stores. We’re a team of polyglots, and we work with our other engineering teams very closely.
    Deploying code on your first day: We push to production on every commit to master via our continuous integration and deployment pipeline.

Let's Talk If

    You’ve shipped software: You should have a strong solid foundation in ECMAScript and ideally Node.js.  Any familiarity with Nest.js, which serves as the foundation for most of our applications and services, is an added bonus though not expected.  Ideally you should be familiar with an MVC framework such as Rails. Experience in frontend frameworks such as React or Svelte, in particular, would be helpful.  Regardless of exact experience, for the parts for which you don’t have experience, you should be excited to explore and learn. 
    You care about code: You take pride in development, and have a deep understanding of how to write high quality, maintainable, extensible software.
    You’re competent with SQL: You don’t need to be a master DBA, but being able to slice and aggregate data is a necessary skill.  You’ll leverage your SQL skills when interacting with our platform or API reporting, and also when writing or updating the ETLs that provide the backbone of our data pipeline.
    You like to explore and lead: You enjoy new challenges, and leading the charge in optimizing and improving how things are done. Exploring new frameworks and ways of doing what we do is an intrinsic part of our DNA and hopefully is a part of yours.
    You want to derive meaning from what you do: Every engineer here is excited to understand what problem they’re solving, why they’re solving it and who they’re solving it for.

Why You'll Love Working at Sharethrough with Your Teammates

    Values-driven culture: You’d be walking into a welcoming and diverse environment that is built around action, curiosity, purpose, transparency.  We have a fun, supportive culture, and firmly believe in what we’re doing.
    Marry the problem, not the solution: We’re constantly re-evaluating our technical infrastructure to deliver faster, better, and more reliable software.
    Grow and flourish: We’re committed to the individual development and growth of everyone. Your team wants everyone to succeed and you’ll be encouraged to deepen your role with clear objectives and career path planning and support.