Marketing Analyst at Funding Circle
Denver, CO, US

Position at Funding Circle US

About us:

We want to help small business win. That’s why we’re here.

We connect small business owners to investors – to create jobs, help families and power economies – because we believe that people are made for more. And we want to help them.

So, we created the leading online marketplace for small business loans. We’ve helped small businesses get $11.7 billion in 116,000 loans to 81,000 small business owners. In a single year, we unlocked 115,000 jobs and contributed $8 billion to the global economy. There’s never been a better time to join!

Be part of the team that changes everything. Let’s build the place where small businesses can get the funding they need to win and leave a legacy behind, forever.

This role sits within “Business Services”. The engine of Funding Circle - we keep FC running. Whatever the subject area, we turn dreams into reality and help small business win. Funding Circle Marketing drives growth, but not just Funding Circle’s. We connect small businesses with the funds they need to grow to help small businesses continue to play a vital role in the U.S. economy. We are ambitious and passionate about helping more small businesses.

About the role:

Marketing Operations is the backbone of any successful marketing team and Marketing Analytics is the source of tangible value. We are seeking an analyst to assist with both, with the overarching goal of enabling Marketing team members to drive value. You have the ability to improve not only the pipes behind the scenes but determine how the team tests into new initiatives and surface insights to drive better outcomes. As such, you will focus on keeping the lights on today, improving processes for tomorrow, and supporting innovative acquisition efforts to drive growth well into the future.

Digital Marketing: you will be responsible for the pipelines between marketing platforms (such as Facebook, Google Ads), our website, and management/measurement/visualization platforms such as Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and Tableau.

Offline Marketing: you will be responsible for the process to get campaigns out the door and create measurement frameworks to monitor success and weave together a comprehensive (offline and online) view of success.

This role requires someone who's analytical, detail oriented and has baseline knowledge of the digital marketing landscape and marketing attribution. You enjoy diving into data to analyze performance just as much as you enjoy designing a framework to enable that analysis. You believe done is better than perfect but recognize you can’t scale on a flimsy foundation. You thrive in a fast-paced environment but can stay engaged with routine tasks.

As the Marketing Operations Analyst you will be responsible for…     

    Marketing Infrastructure:
            You will own Google Tag Manager and the process by which our website communicates with external management/measurement tools and platforms
            You will own existing and develop new ETL processes to ensure internal access to marketing platform data and accurate data sources for internal reporting. This includes liaising with the Data Team to identify, fix, and improve our data pipelines.
            You will oversee day-to-day data execution and define and document business practices
            Work with manager and campaign managers to determine pixel set-up that reflects platform limitations and measurement framework.
    Marketing Reporting:
            You will own Tableau based reports to ensure key stakeholders have access to accurate and timely information at varying levels of granularity
            You will oversee reporting tools to ensure items are entered correctly by team members and reflected correctly in end-user reports
            You will provide overviews of Marketing’s performance to key stakeholders and, with the help of your manager, craft the narrative.
            You will continuously question processes and refine, rebuild, and create reports to serve existing and future needs with a focus on surfacing insights.
    Marketing Analytics
            Thrive in a data-driven, test-and-learn culture with your passion for telling stories with data - not only surfacing marketing (online and offline) and social media insights, but also presenting these insights and recommendations to the wider organization, including executives, to influence change.
            Apply sophisticated computational, statistical, and modeling techniques in support of campaign optimization; techniques include A/B and multivariate testing, predictive analysis, data mining, marketing mix modeling, attribution modeling
            You will assist channel managers in tying platform’s source of truth to internal metrics with a goal of improving efficiency and conversion through underwritten funnel.
            You will conduct ad-hoc analysis to dig into performance and answer marketing related questions for key stakeholders including Risk
            You will constantly innovate on measurement framework to assist with spend allocation decisions, campaign execution, and internal storytelling

About you:

    3+ years in Marketing data analytics. An understanding of the digital and offline marketing landscape and management/measurement tools. Advanced proficiency with Excel and data evaluation skills.
    Hands-on experience applying statistical approaches/concepts, including A/B tests, credibility, statistical significance, and multivariate testing
    Experience running existing and writing new SQL based queries
    Attention to detail and the ability to understand the nuances of marketing programs and digital tracking
    Bias towards action. Some questions just need answers while others should fuel further investigation. Proactively probing data, asking questions, and seeking clarity.
    Demonstrated willingness to learn and a curious nature. We have a great team but sometimes you will become the SME on a tool you have never used before. Be open, flexible, and eager to expand your skill set.
    Extremely detail and process-oriented with a drive to improve whatever you touch. A view that the current way does not mean it is right, based on a philosophy that done is better than perfect but scale isn’t possible on a flimsy foundation.


    Familiarity with business intelligence tools (Tableau, etc)
    Experience with tag management tools (Google Tag Manager, etc) and exposure to engineering component