Data Engineer at LiveIntent
Copenhagen, DK

We are looking for a Data Engineer full of ideas


LiveIntent is looking for an enterprising Data Engineer, preferably with an interest in data science to join our highly competent development team in Copenhagen! Our team in Copenhagen is responsible for the development and deployment of the company’s next-generation technology closely collaborating with the company’s other branches in New York and Berlin.


Our team in Copenhagen currently consists of a few veterans from adtech as well as 16 handpicked new highly competent and focused colleagues who have joined since the end of 2016. Among other reasons, many exciting tasks are constantly flowing in from the rest of the organization, so we would like to expand the team with even more creative and clever minds. We are looking for both data engineers and data scientists, but prefer people with a passion for both fields of work.


The  Company

LiveIntent, one of the world’s largest people-based marketing platforms, connects 2,500 publishing and advertising brands with over 250 MM verified people every month across all types of media. With the anonymized email address at the center of its industry-leading identity graph, LiveIntent provides brands with solutions that help them monetize, acquire, and retain real people, even where cookies don’t work. LiveIntent enriches a brands’ data, making it possible for them to deepen their understanding of their audiences, and more effectively market to people wherever they are present and paying attention. LiveIntent is home to over 180 people worldwide with offices in New York, Chicago, Berlin, and Copenhagen.


LiveIntent Copenhagen started as a Danish startup company in 2013 and was acquired by LiveIntent in November 2015. We develop and operate both an online, real-time service that receives billions of requests from all over the world and from other LiveIntent components, and an offline, batch-oriented analytical data processing pipeline that prepares data for the online service by processing billions of data points.


During the last six months we have finished the following projects:

  • Orchestration of our own Hadoop/Spark-clusters as we have grown out of AWS EMR.
  • Automated tuning of Spark jobs, so that memory usage is adjusted to the current job.
  • Reduced compile times in Scala code using macros instead of implicit resolution.


We want to have completed the following tasks by the end of 2020:

  • Automatic configuration of ec2 instance types for Hadoop/Spark clusters, to maximize price and stability.
  • Scheduling of Hadoop jobs so that we make the most of our clusters and prioritize the most important jobs first.
  • Use more efficient file formats such as Avro and Parquet.
  • How do we exchange x amount of Terabyte data with our partners every day in an efficient and robust way?


About the Job

We are looking for a Data Engineer who can design, develop and maintain complex software solutions. You will be able to plan and organize your own schedule to a great extent, but you are expected to be able to work closely with the other developers on the team as well as stakeholders in the company’s international product division.

You will be part of all development phases, from initial discussions and exchange of ideas, to prototyping, development, testing, deployment, maintenance/improvement and reporting, but with expected focus on the final parts.


In the Copenhagen office we believe in freedom and flexibility under responsibility and insist on a high level of competence. Our development process is as a result of that a loosely defined hybrid of agile methods and rapid prototyping. 


Your profile

You have a couple of years professional experience with software development and are passionate about learning new things. You are interested in back-end technologies and architecture. You may also be interested in math, statistics, machine learning or adtech technology.


You have one of the heavier degrees such as computer science or software engineering. You have practical experience with actual programming, and preferably also have a practical and/or deep theoretical understanding of some of the following:

  • Data processing in Spark or in MapReduce using Hadoop/Cascading/Scalding
  • Programming in Scala
  • Programming in Python
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Data reporting and ad hoc analysis in SQL or in the PyLab-suite
  • NoSQL key value stores configuration and stability (E.g. Project Voldemort or graph databases.
  • Orchestration in Airflow


You approach problems analytically and solutions pragmatically. You are full of good ideas, able to see opportunities and weaknesses in other people’s ideas, and able to find ways to discuss ideas in a distanced and constructive manner. You love to go in depth with different topics and are curious about learning about things within new subjects. You want to understand and get involved with the problems the company is facing. You thrive in a dynamic environment where work priorities can change, and therefore tasks may not always be finished. You can hand over tasks, but prefer to finish them yourself. You are able to work independently and enterprisingly.


We offer

You can look forward to being a key player in a challenging and dynamic developmental story where you will be part of a team with some of the industry's hottest talents. This is a great opportunity to learn from others while also having the flexibility to dive into experiments on your own. We are passionate about new solutions, technologies and algorithms, but pragmatic in our choice of solutions.


We are an international business with a lot of contact between our different offices. The position is located in our office in Copenhagen. We believe in freedom and flexibility under responsibility. Your time in the office can largely be adapted so it suits you. If you feel the need to work from home one day, it is totally fine, as long as you deliver on your commitments. Likewise, you have free choice of working device (Linux, Mac, Windows), as long as you can troubleshoot and maintain it yourself. If you want to introduce a new technology to our stack it is ok, as long as you can vouch for it yourself.


Formally the job position is a standard 37-hour salaried position in the office at Bernstorffsgade 21 in Copenhagen near the Central Station. Lunch, telephone/internet bills and health insurance are all provided by the company. The position is for occupation as soon as possible.


Does that sound exciting? If so, send us an application. Applications without a resume including a motivation will not be considered.