Lead FrontEnd UI Engineer at Fidelis
San Francisco, CA, US
Develop HTML5 web app using a mix of technologies and techniques including HTML5, CSS3, Advanced JavaScript, Backbone.js
Build JavaScript code using MVC to build functionality for web app
Work with complex RESTful APIs and with Java engineers to provide full-stack application development and debugging
Translate design comps and wireframes into flexible, usable experiences that render identically across browsers
Propose UI/UX functionality that will improve user interface, technical efficiency, operational workflow, and/or enhance the product experience

Must Have

At least 3 years of experience leading development efforts for a single page app receiving significant traffic
Strong working knowledge of current web standards, CSS3, browser DOM, and JavaScript frameworks

Desired Skills & Expertise

AWS experience or comparable Cloud experience
Backbone.js or AngularJS or experience with similar Javascript MVC framework
Deep understanding of cross-browser issues
Comfortable with version control software, multiple environments, and production support
Ability to work independently within a highly collaborative team environment

About Fidelis

Fidelis is building a well integrated and comprehensive learning platform for all types of learning communities be they Universities, Companies, Military Units, Government organizations, or NGOs.

The technology has a MOOC (Massive Online Course) delivery engine at its core, but is comprehensive in that it takes a 360 degree view of learning, combining mentorship, coursework, supplementary learning, job placement and coaching into a coherent educational experience that is based on the personal goals and objectives of the individual students.